"Milly is not only learning to dance she is learning a love of dance. Through the small and personal classes, she is learning to take her turn, to listen in class and to encourage others.

Eriko is gentle and kind and takes the needs of each little dancer into account. Milly loves going to ballet and at the end of each class she gives Eriko a big hug!"

Mother, Pre-School Ballet

" My 2 year old Daughter Bess and I look forward to her class on a Monday morning every week. There is nothing more entertaining and heart warming than watching a flock of tiny ballerinas dancing around flowers and leaping over blooming broomsticks. 

Eriko has a natural warmth that the sometimes unruly toddlers seem to respond to and I am always amazed at what they pick up each week. I would recommend this class to any parent who has a toddler, daughter OR son to try it out. "

Emily Somerville-Ryan

“My daughter has been dancing with Eriko since she was two years old. She was painfully shy when she started and Eriko worked extremely hard to help her come out of her shell and gain confidence. The dancing and concerts have been the best thing she has ever done to help her shyness. Eriko has infinite patience and is always making the kids the number one priority. "

Mother, Grade 2 Jazz

"My daughter has blossomed under your tutelage. She feels attractive and strong in new ways, and her talent on the netball court is up a level due in no small part to the increased strength, flexibility and discipline brought from her endless dance practice. Thank you.” 

Mother, Pre-elementary Jazz

"They look forward to ballet every week and it is amazing to watch them grow in confidence and skill. The end of year concert is certainly a family highlight. Eriko is a very professional teacher, her talent is one of a kind and you could not find a better dance school. I would definitely recommend L'Ecole de Danse to any aspiring dancer as there is so much variety, there is absolutely something for everybody."

Ross Delaney

"Eriko and her team make every dance class a fun experience. My daughter cannot wait to get there every week and is progressing really well through the grades. I can’t recommend L’ecole de Danse highly enough, we love Eriko."

Gemma Baker


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