Our Story

Founded by Eriko Finlay in 2006, L'Ecole de Danse was created with a drive to share the love and passion for dancing with the children in the Devonport community. Our overall vision is to teach children the love of dance in a friendly, caring and creative environment where their talent can be nurtured and developed to their highest potential.

"My daughter has danced at L’Ecole de Danse since she was 4 years old in a wee pink leotard learning to point her toes! 11 years later she is a confident and beautiful dancer in ballet, jazz, contemporary and lyrical dance. She has grown up with Eriko and her team of wonderful teachers and I have watched her confidence grow every year. The support and encouragement she has received has been wonderful and her dance family is a huge part of her life as are exams, competitions and shows, which she loves. If not at school she can usually be found in the studio! I highly recommend this dance school."

Anna Rennie


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