How to Improve your Strength and Flexibility at Home.

Covid-19 has put the brakes on life as we know it which includes our weekly dance classes. We've put together a list of 7 ways to improve your dance strength and flexibility at home while we're in lockdown.  Stay safe everyone and remember we are in this together!

1. Join our Online Classes.

L'Ecole de Danse is offering Online Classes for students until lockdown has been lifted. Enrol for Term 2 and join us live weekly!

It's important we give our children a sense of normalcy and routine while so much is happening around them. By having their normal dance class each week (online), it will provide them with a sense of connection and community while keeping them active.

2. Online Stretching and Conditioning Class

Our Ballet Tutor Georgia has shared with you her favourite stretching and condition exercises online. Make sure you have plenty of space and the surface you are on isn't too slippery. Recommended for students over the age of 10.

3. Yoga for Dancers

You Tube offers many yoga based videos for dancers you can follow along.  We love this video by Yoga with Adriene. Stretch through the torso, legs and feet to release tension and increase flexibility. Recommended for students over the age of 8.

4. Yoga for younger dancers

Cosmic Kids offers free yoga, mindfulness and relaxation videos designed specially for kids aged 3 years and above. Interactive adventures which build strength, balance and confidence. Recommended for students over the age of 3.

5. Pilates for Dancers

You Tube also offers plenty of pilates based videos that are great for dancers.  This video by Sarah's Day is a simple 20 minute pilates-based core workout that is great for building strength! All you need is a little bit of floor space and a mat. Recommended for students over the age of 10.


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