In The Studio With...Maddy

Maddy has been a critical part of the L'Ecole de Danse team for nearly four years now. Besides being an incredibly talented dancer and choreographer, our students love her for her kind and caring nature and bubbly personality. We sat down with her in our studio to ask her a few questions...

1. When and where did you learn to dance? 
I started dancing at age 3, in a small town called Mackay, along the East coast of Australia.

2. What made you first realise you wanted to pursue a career as a dancer and dance teacher?
I first realised I wanted to pursue a creative career in my early teens. I went full time as a dance student at 14 and did all my school by correspondence, I regularly saw my older girls that Iidealised go to auditions and accept jobs overseas. I think that's what made me want to pursue dance, travelling to new places and having a common love for this art. Also I love bringing joy to the people that get to watch you perform, its such a great feeling to see and hear their reactions to what you've created. I decided to pursue a teaching career a few years ago, I've always loved working with children and students, to see their faces light up when they have finally nailed a step they've been practicing for weeks is so rewarding. I like to think I can make a positive impact to these kids lives and be there as another role model for them if they ever need guidance.

3. What is your favourite style of dance and why? 
I started at 3 years old learning ballet, it wasn't until I was closer to a teenager that I found a love for this style. I absolutely loved the graceful, fluidity of every step, as well as the strong lines and the discipline you have to have to accomplish each difficult movement with a sense of ease. As I continued along this path I started to dip into other styles and find anincredible love for contemporary dance. I love the different type of movement, the floor work, the continued movement pathways, what you can create is honestly endless.

4. What are your must have items in your dance bag? 
Ballet Skirt and shoes, Mini first aid kit with LOTS of band strong aids, hair pins, ear phones, note book and pens.

5. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not busy dancing? 
I like to relax in some way, either going for walks, hanging out with friends, I love finding new places to visit and see.

6. What do you love about teaching L'Ecole de Danse dancers? 
I love the dedication they have towards each class. I also love that they know when they need to knuckle down in class and ask questions as well as having fun. I love hearing the stories about what the did at school and what they have coming up as well as their accomplishments outside of LDD.

7. If you could go back in time, what advice and lessons learned would you had given your “younger self”?
I feel like this is the toughest question, umm.... probably, Don't be so hard on yourself. I feel like this industry can sometimes be quite negative, so its important to be in a positive learning atmosphere with people you trust. Do what makes you happy as life is way too short for anyone to be unhappy. Know its never ok to continuously compare yourself to others. Working hard pays off, never underestimate the power of practicing. and probably the biggest one, don't question yourself if what you're doing is right when you haven't even started.


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